Topic: Soundslides Plus crashes /goes black when you move image to out folder

I use Windows XP SP2 and when I have the orange slider on the image (the image on the slider in the main preview window) and move it (drag it with the mouse) to the out folder everything except the thumbnails goes black. The timeline goes black and the main preview window but the thumbnails are still there and the File Menu is still there. I try saving but nothing happens. I lost about an half hour of work because of unsaved changes.

This doesn't happen all the time I can't really re-create the problem but it's happened a few times and I have to expect at least one crash of soundslides when working on a project. I've tried reinstalling and it still crops up occasionally. Again it seems to happen when I have an image on the orange timeline slider. Then I decide I don't want that image there and move it to the out folder. Once I drag the image from the thumbnail window to the out folder Soundslides goes black.


Re: Soundslides Plus crashes /goes black when you move image to out folder


Unfortunately, you're seeing an issue that I thought we corrected when Soundslides Plus 1.1 (588) was released.  We haven't heard any new reports since 588, but I'll dig back in and see what's going on.

Can you send me a diagnostic from your installation so I can replicate the conditions here?

1. Launch Soundslides Plus
2. Right-click anywhere on the Soundslides window.  This will display a "right-click" menu.
3. Select the menu item "Diagnostic" from the "right-click" menu.
4. Copy and paste all the text and return the text via email (support@soundslides.com)