Topic: Soundslides project data folder locked

I have an empty data folder left from a Soundslides project sitting on the desktop of my Mac iBook. It has acquired a tiny lock icon on the lower left corner of the folder icon, and it cannot be dragged to the Trash or even Command-Trashed. I have no idea how the folder became "locked," nor how to unlock and dispose of it.

Can anyone help? This is the first such locked folder I've encountered, so I don't know whether this is a Soundslides issue or something I did inadvertently within a Mac operation.


Michal Thompson
Hillsboro, Oregon


Re: Soundslides project data folder locked

Try right clicking on the file and go to "Get Info". Down at the bottom of the new window go to "Ownerships & Permissions" and see if the file is locked. If it is, just change it. That should do it.