Topic: Audio timecode

I have an audio file that is 5:45 to accompany 80 images. My audio is an interview and I was trying to make certain images cue up with certain words or sounds.

1st issue - If I scroll back a couple images to cue up another image, save it then either play it back from the beginning or test it, it is off. How the images play from the timeline is not the same as how it will play from a test run.

2nd issue - Original audio was a .wav exported from Avid Media Composer. I made it into a .mp3 using Audacity. When I import into SS Plus, it lays out fine. But when I play it from a test or from the start of the timeline, it will reach the last frame with about 30 sec. of audio left.

What am I doing wrong? Could it be there is an issue with how it was originally exported from the AVID?



Re: Audio timecode

It certainly sounds (no pun intended) like a problem with the audio format.  The Flash player in the browser is less tolerant of format issues than the actual application.

Can you email me the MP3 and I'll take a look?

support -at- soundslides -dot- com

If the MP3 is too big to send over email, let me know and I'll send you our FTP server login.