Topic: Resizing window changes timings

If I have a slideshow with four slides ABC and D, and they are evenly spaced:


and then I use the resize thumb to expand the window, slide "D" streetches to fill the space, creating unbalanced timings:


This is on Windows, D/L'd last week.


Re: Resizing window changes timings

"Resize thumb"?  I'm not following you.

Can you send me a screenshot?  I'm having a hard time visualizing what's happening.




Re: Resizing window changes timings

If it happens again, I will....

This occursed on my old Dell laptop. Yesterday I was locked out of the laptop (#%%$!$!! Sarbanes-Oxley compliance forced my password to change & I forgot it) so I ran soundslides on a different computer and it did NOT do this..... evrything worked swimmingly.

so it might be something weird with the way my laptop is acting or... I am unsure. This was the same presentation as the one that jumped from the first to last slides in the bug I reported in another thread.

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Re: Resizing window changes timings

It is definitely connected to this particular sound file, along with the bug I reported in http://www2.soundslides.com/forum/viewt … p?pid=4236

I tried making another small prezo using just three or four images and the same audio file:

[*] Dragging the window to a larger size left the 2d clip lengths the same, only the LAST slide's time would stretch
[*] playing or testing, all pics appear to load but only the first and last are shown
[*] scrubbing the selector thumb back and forth changes the slide selection, but the time indicator stays at zero
[*] the is no image displayed in the SS preview pane

I'm sending you the MP3 (which I got off the web) for your own tests....

Trying the same slides with a different MP3 on the same machine: perfect.