Topic: Edirol vs Zoom recap

The Transom.org review of the Edirol recorder mentions a Hiss in the background of all recordings.  I tried one for a short time and didn't seem to get the hiss.  Have any of you had trouble with this?

I have to make the leap and buy a recorder now.  But can't choose between the Edirol and the Zoom.  The Zoom seems a little too sensitive and it's controls are complicated. 

Do any of you all use the built-in mics at all? 

Thanks for your help!--david kennedy


Re: Edirol vs Zoom recap

It may be worth waiting a few weeks and looking at the Zoom H2. It appears to be super compact and less complicated than the H4. Should be released any day now.

http://www.samsontech.com/products/prod … rodID=1916