Topic: EXPIRED - Soundslides 1.1b98

This dev release was promoted to a full release on 2006-02-28.

This release is a beta.  Please be careful not to delete your current stable version of soundslides.
Also, make backups of important projects BEFORE loading them into this release.

Feature additions

Improved jpg caption importing. This should correct the nagging problem with importing old caption information.

The output sizes of the slide show can be changed at any point in the editing process. Select "Output sizes" under the "Modify" menu to resize the project.

Font face and size control added.  You can also control the opacity of the caption background.

There is now a "Save and continue" button in the caption editor.  This should make it much easier to edit captions.

Improved error handling during importing.

There is now a component for Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8 included in the Soundslides folder. The component is also available as a single download here: http://soundslides.com/app/component/so … 02.mxp.zip
This should eliminate the need for actionscript when loading the final projects into Flash.  (This is for advanced users.  The Flash application is not needed to use Soundslides)

There is an ongoing problem with the way Soundslides text fields handles non-english text.  You can not type in a character like "é" or "ø", however you can paste the character into the text field.  I'm exploring a longterm solution, but for the moment you can type your headlines and captions in another text editor and cut and paste into Soundslides.

Check here for installation guidelines.


Re: EXPIRED - Soundslides 1.1b98

At the risk of inviting chaos ... here's the rough draft of the documentation for the component in wiki format.  I'll move it into a more permanent location as it firms up.

http://soundslides.gotdns.org:2500/soun … umentation

(This is for advanced users.  The Flash application and the component are not needed to use Soundslides.)