Topic: SSPlus and 800x600 monitor resolution

SSPlus is very hard to use at 800x600 monitor resolution.  On my monitor, the right end of the interface is off the screen and cannot be accessed.  It cuts off halfway through the word "Project" in the Project tab.

The window cannot be resized. (In SS 1.5, the window is larger than the 8 by 6 monitor resolution and I just have to drag the window back and forth -- a minor annoyance, but cheaper than a new monitor.)

Everything else is accessible.

Also it appears that the pause button on the view window does not work quickly on my WinXP machine. It can take several seconds for the pause to occur.

Love the new features!


Re: SSPlus and 800x600 monitor resolution

Same issue here with 800 X 600 - window won't resize.