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Topic: Olympus DS-30/40/50


I´m searching for a digital recorder like the DS-Series (30,40,50) to use it for Soundslides. What do I have to consider? For which purposes aren't the DS enough any longer? DS-40 will be traded at roundabout 200-250 Euro. A M-AUDIO MicroTrack 24/96 costs roundabout 300 Euro and has a higher capacity (changable medium). Any other ideas? Upper limit will be 300 Euro. Uses the MicroTrack a Timestamp?



Re: Olympus DS-30/40/50

Look at the Olympus DS2 (yes 2 not 20).

The frequency response range is better than any other Olympus and can't be beat for the price.

If you need more than 1 hour (on the highest quality setting), you can buy a couple of them.


Re: Olympus DS-30/40/50

I took a look at the specs on the Olympus site and it looks like the DS30,40,50 has a wider frequency range than the DS2
50-19000Hz  vs 100-17000Hz
I don't really know what all the numbers mean, but doesn't the wider the range mean a better response? Or am I missing something?
Just wondering where you learned the DS2 was a better unit...?


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The Zoom H2 seems to be available now too. It's about $ 200.00. See this thread on it.  http://www2.soundslides.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1171



Re: Olympus DS-30/40/50

If you believe any of the Olympus specs...

...I've got a WS-300M that has 100Hz to 15kHz and it sounds fine.  But it really depends on the microphone.  Adding a lavalier improves the sound quality over the built-in mics in all of these.  It does fine on voice tracks but you can't record a lot of ambient sound with anywhere near the quality you'll get with a shotgun and a recorder that is XLR capable.

The Zoom is interesting, but users report it's an awful lot of plastic for the price.