Topic: "Lower Thirds" missing in the "Modify" menu

Hi Joe, I have no entry for "Lower Thirds" in my "Modify" menu - I guess it's supposed to be there? (I'm running the Soundslides Plus Beta for Windows.)

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Re: "Lower Thirds" missing in the "Modify" menu

I'm uploading a new beta (504) now.  It corrects this issue.

http://soundslides.com/release/soundsli … taller.exe

Mac OS X:
http://soundslides.com/release/soundsli … s_plus.dmg


Re: "Lower Thirds" missing in the "Modify" menu

Hi Joe - I've searched your blog for Lower Thirds and Fonts and cannot find my answer.

So here goes: When I go to Audio>Lower Thirds, I see a box with 4 columns and the "add" and "delete" buttons, but nothing else. No "name" or "title." When I move my cursor to a column, a space appears that seems to be inviting me to write. Alas, when I type, nothing shows up that I can see, but when I go to the image the words do appear. Which is semi-doable except that I can't see what I'm writing in the Lower Thirds Box. I have Verdana & Arial fonts. What could be the problem? No rush on this.


Re: "Lower Thirds" missing in the "Modify" menu

Is there other type missing as well in the application? 

For example, when you go to "Modify > Output sizes", do you see all the fonts listed below?

Are you on Mac or Windows?