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Ok, here's an even less important bug.. when I make my Credits show up by clicking "Credits" and I click again to make them disappear, the content of my Credits (e.g. "Fotografie: Fabian Mohr" etc.) disappears and is replaced by the word "undefined".. it can be seen for the fraction of a second while it wanders south and then disappears. I didn't find any field where I could replace "undefined", so I'm not quite sure if it's a micro bug or I missed an option.


Re: Credits OFF / "undefined"

I just noticed that this happens only with the version published on my webserver:

http://www.fabianmohr.de/iso800/soundsl … nqueterre/

If I open the same slideshow through the "Test" button within Soundslides and watch it on C:/ it's all fine.


Re: Credits OFF / "undefined"

No, that's a bug.  I'm not sure when that slipped in.

Thanks again, I'll push out a fix and follow up in this thread.



Re: Credits OFF / "undefined"

This issue is fixed in b506.

http://soundslides.com/release/soundsli … taller.exe
Mac OS X:
http://soundslides.com/release/soundsli … s_plus.dmg

If you'd rather not re-open your existing slide show, you can download the new soundslider.swf file and just drop it your publish_to_web files on your server.
http://soundslides.com/release/soundsli … er.swf.zip