Topic: Expired: Soundslides Plus - Public Beta

Soundslides Plus is an entirely new version of Soundslides - the long planned pro version.  New features include image movement (pan & zoom), built-in lowerthirds, thumbnail menus and the ability to create traditional (non-audio) slide shows.

Soundslides Plus will cost more than Soundslides, though the full $39.95 purchase price of Soundslides will count towards the cost of the pro version.  I haven't finalized the pricing yet, but I'm committed to keeping it within range of individuals.

Soundslides will continue to exist for those folks that don't need (or want) the new features, and there's a 1.6 update coming that includes individual transition control.

So to recap ... there are now two versions of Soundslides.  The existing version, and a new advanced version called Soundslides Plus.

This release is a beta.  Please be careful not to delete your current stable version of Soundslides.
Also, make backups of important projects BEFORE loading them into this release.

http://soundslides.com/release/soundsli … taller.exe

Mac OS X:
http://soundslides.com/release/soundsli … s_plus.dmg

This particular beta application (b502) will expire mid-June. 

Published slide shows never expire - they're permanent and don't have any sort of built-in limitation.

I'll post the final release candidate before June 15th.

Thanks for checking it out.


Re: Expired: Soundslides Plus - Public Beta

The beta test ends tomorrow, and Soundslides Plus is now released. 

It will cost $69.95 USD, and $30 USD for an upgrade from Soundslides.

Details are on the front of the site.

Thanks to all of you who sent in comments.  I'm pretty certain that I replied to every email, but I wanted to issue a blanket thank you to every one who took the time to download the beta.