Topic: Using captions to introduce people: Much better!

I used to have all my slide interviews begin with someone saying their name. "Hi, my name is...."

Now I've discovered a good trick. Make the captions legible by default, and then write their name as a caption. You are free to begin with a more interesting quote, without bothering to introduce the person's name.




Re: Using captions to introduce people: Much better!

Completely agree. The first few moments of any piece (video, audio slideshow, music, radio piece, book, movie ... anything) have only one purpose: convince the viewer to stick around just a little more. Unless the name has huge recognition -- and the vast majority don't -- you're squandering attention span on information that usually doesn't build interest. (There are exceptions, of course. I would always stick around for a piece that began with "My name is Sister Emily Watson, but my street name is 'Pinky.'" You get the idea.)

By analogy, imagine if a song on the radio began with a declaration "the following is in the key of G, and is in 4:4 time" or something similar.