Topic: Images position counter

Hi I'm wondering how to customize the soundslides player to show the current image position out of the total images in the presentation?

I've searched and read some topics regarding this and got a bit confused in how to create a custom scrubber?

This is what I want to get.

http://www.kosukeokahara.com/stories/al … index.html

A simple prev, next button, a thumbnail preview button and an image position counter.

Thanks in advance for your enlightenment.



Re: Images position counter

Hi Rony.

That link you sent was created with Soundslides Plus; there's no customization there.  That's just a typical control bar configuration when creating a slide show without audio.

To get this control bar configuration, just create a new slide show without audio, then make sure the checkbox next to "Enable silent play" is UNCHECKED.  The example you sent also uses the "plain_black" color preset.

That's should do it.



Re: Images position counter

Thanks a lot joe!