Topic: Playing Show On DVD and Flash Drive

I've produced several two minute slide shows for a client to post on their web site.

They've asked if there is also a way I can put the shows 1) on a DVD so they can play the shows in a continuous loop at a trade show on a flat screen TV and 2)place the shows on a company logo branded flash drive to give out to prospects so they can view on their own computer.

Is there anyway to do this with the Sound Slides folder directly, or with a show converted to a MP4 file ?

Would I use a program like iDVD for my Mac ? On a flash drive, I know someone can open up the sound slides folder and click on a file to open in a web browser, but there has to be a fool proof way so no one is confused.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Playing Show On DVD and Flash Drive

I think you're on the right path using the video converter to make an MP4 file. This would limit the chances for problems at the other end. MP4 is an industry standard format, so the thumb drive recipients are likely to have software (Quicktime, for instance) on their computers that can open it.

As far as the DVD goes, iDVD might be a good choice for making a simple disc like this. It appears you can import MP4 files and that there is a "loop movie" option in the "advanced" menu.



Re: Playing Show On DVD and Flash Drive

For the flash drive route, note that MP4 does not play on the standard video players that come on most Windows machines. I've run into this when sharing some videos with family, and had to install QuickTime on their machines. You might want to include on the flash drive a link to the QT download site, or at least a README.txt file to tell recipients what to do to play the video.