Topic: EXPIRED: Soundslides 1.0.45b


This release is a beta.  Please be careful not to delete your current stable version of soundslides.
Also, make backups of important projects BEFORE loading them into this release.

Feature additions

Includes all the feature additions from 1.0.31b ...

The update adds the ability to create a single custom sized soundslide.  You can define the image dimensions, the spacing around the image, and the bandwidth of the audio encode. This feature is accessed through a dialog which appears before you import your images and audio. Here's an example of a panoramic soundslide.

You can control the image width, height and the spacing around the image. This is especially nice if you're a full frame photographer who hasn't made a vertical image in the last six months. (Canon would be 800 wide by 533 high, Nikon is 800 wide by 532 high ... so I'm told ... can some one back me up on this?)

The custom dialog appears before you import your images and audio, and must be defined before the import takes place.

Also added is the ability to set captions to appear automatically by default in the player. This is controled by a checkbox in the template dialog, and was previously suggested in the forums here and here.

Bug fixes

This release fixes a very small bug with the last beta 1.0.31b

This update also addresses some of the issues with installing the application on a multi-user machine.  Now, if the application is installed and registered with an OS X Admin account, all of the users will be registered. If the application is installed and registered with an OS X Standard or OS X Managed account, only that account will be registered. Also, this update fixes several bugs with both the Standard and Managed user installations.

This also corrects a very small bug with the OUT folder. In some situations, when the image was removed it would affect the timing of every image instead of only eliminating its own position.

Also, from this point forward, registrations will be persistant across the updates. Meaning that users will not have to hit the "Register" button with each new update.