Topic: How'd they do that?

I am looking at http://www.burnmagazine.org/

How did they get a title slide that doesn't have the progress bar, etc.?


Re: How'd they do that?

It looks like they're using a custom Flash file that slides down to expose the SlideShowPro Flash component.



Re: How'd they do that?

You can get some of the same results in Soundslides, depending on exactly what you're after.

If you just want to hide the progress bar, play button and timer, you do this by reducing the height of the "window" in which the Soundslides player opens by 18 pixels. (See this post.) You should enable the "click to play" advanced parameter that lets a visitor click on the canvas to start the slideshow. Then just make up a title slide with a semi-transparent "play" symbol in the middle of the slide. Give it a very short duration so it disappears as soon as the slideshow begins. (You can have it straight cut to a copy of the title slide without the "play" symbol.)

If what you really want is for the progress bar to be revealed *after* the user clicks on the title slide, you might be able to mimic this by having a clickable title image that is really just a link to the page on the website with the actual slideshow. If your pages load fast enough and the layout is the same, it should give pretty much the same appearance. If you go this route, you'll want to check "play automatically" in the Template>Display options, otherwise users will be forced to click twice. You may also need to experiment with the advanced parameters controlling how much of the slideshow must be pre-loaded before playing begins, otherwise it may appear to "hang."