Topic: Soundslide mot working; displays strange characters

Soundslide has worked well for us for some time, but recently our slides have suddenly become jumbled random characters.

Here's an example: http://collegian.csufresno.edu/gallery/ … index.html

Any thoughts?


Re: Soundslide mot working; displays strange characters

Hi Anna.

There was a recent update to Flash Player that causes a problem with a particular older version of Soundslides and Soundslides Plus for Mac.  The version with the problem is #665, which is the version that was used to create that slide show.

The slide show itself does display:
http://collegian.csufresno.edu/gallery/ … slider.swf

... but the bug does indeed jumble the "index.html" file.

Here are the free updates that will correct the issue.

Soundslides Plus (#1063)

Soundslides (#1063)

After installing the update, just open your project in the new version, then hit TEST and EXPORT, then upload the new files.

Let me know if that corrects the problem on your slide show.