Topic: Unique and invisible hyperlink for each slide

I setup a test site here:


but cannot figure out how to enable each a unique and invisible hyperlink for each side.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Unique and invisible hyperlink for each slide

Hi scottquick.

You can add that link code via the caption field if you're using the most recent update (1.9.3).  The link works even if you don't have captions displayed.

For each slide you want to be a link, add the following code to that image's caption field.


If you want the link to open in a new window, add this code:


If you don't have version 1.9.3, the update is free for all registered users.  Here's the download links for Soundslides Plus 1.9.3 for Mac, and Soundslides Plus 1.9.3 for Windows.

One note about this feature, it most likely will not work when you preview it on your local computer due to Flash Player's local file restrictions, however it should work once you upload the slide show to your site.

Let me know if that's what you're looking for.