Topic: Intro slide, how do you do it?

Hi, I am brand new to this -- 24 hours in to it. How do you make an initial slide that says your company name, etc.? I am a photographer and would like to begin and end each client slideshow with my company name/logo slide. Thanks.


Re: Intro slide, how do you do it?

Hi photoJCP.

Soundslides itself doesn't have built-in title slide capabilities, so you'll need to create your own title slide as an image and import it into Soundslides.

An intro text slide can be created in most any image editing application.  I typically make mine in Photoshop.  Basically, I create a black image at the same size of my slide show (if you're not sure what size you're exporting to, use 1000px wide by 665 high).

Then I select the Text tool and add my title text to the center of the image.  Then "Save as..." to a jpeg, and import into Soundslides just like any other image.

I've always used Photoshop, but there are a few folks on the forums here that swear PowerPoint is easier for making nice text images.  Evidently, you can save the slide as a jpeg in PowerPoint as well.



Re: Intro slide, how do you do it?

This is going to seem dumb, but I use "comic life," a little comic book maker application on the Mac!

Click and drag, and it gives good results:

http://thereview.ca/sites/default/files … index.html

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Re: Intro slide, how do you do it?

if you play about in PS you can get some really cool results. Fade in extra titles on the original frame.

have a play with filters and the like, our can make a groovy open slide.

you will need to make a new .jpg for each change.

this show saw me ' just messin about' with PS