Topic: Loading and Unloading slide with AS3

Hey All, so I'm a bit new to this flash thing and while many of the previous post seem to be saying what I need, I just am not getting it.

So I have a couple soundslides swfs I need to import in to a flash file using AS3. Each needs to load on a different frame when there individual frame is navigated to. Ideally, when you go to the first frame with a soundslides file it loads, when you click on a next button, a new one loads while the one from the previous frame is unloaded, or stopped, what have you.

Step by step... because I'm feeling really stupid right now... what do I need to do?

As in...

1) create a movie clip and name it loader_mc (is it exported for action script? does the mc have to be on the stage of the frame, or can it just be in the library?)

2)use this action script "imaginary correct script here" to direct flash to your source soundslide file and import it to stage using the movie clip you created

3)use this action script "             " to stop all sounds (can you simultaneously with the click of one button navigate to a new frame and unload the previous swf?)

Geez, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Loading and Unloading slide with AS3

Have you checked out the AS3 source file?  Here's the link:

In AS3, you don't have to create a MC before loading it.  That method would work well in AS2, but AS3 has a better loader class.