Topic: Help!

Does anyone know how to track down a music track?  I was given a piece of music by an old friend to use on my Final project for my class, It is posted in share your work above.  However today on CNN I just heard the same track.  So of course, I am freaking out a bit - as  he made it sound like he had wrote it originally for me for this project.  He has not returned my emails yet. So of course he could have written and sold it, but something in me is telling me that there is something going on.  Hard lesson to learn.  I really wanted to use this as a portfolio piece and I was careful about getting permissions from everyone else ( although, I still have an outstanding request). 

Any ideas on where to look for these kind of music loops?



Re: Help!

Well, I have helped myself.  I have learned that it is a Public Domain Apple loop.  So hope no one else makes my newbie mistake.  For anyone who is curiuous you can use the loops that come with Soundtrack Pro or Garage Band in your projects you just cannot sell them as your own loop.