Topic: onControlButton

I've been using the soundslides component and was wishing to run a function whenever specific buttons are press, however, the onControlButton function

ss_listen.onControlButton = function(control) {
    trace("user pressed "+control);

only returns either "play" or "pause" regardless of which button is interacted with (e.g. next or previous").

I've read through the page on external action script, however can't seem to find a way to either return the name of the button pressed or attach a listener to a specific button. Is there something I'm missing?


Re: onControlButton

Currently, onControlButton is only called on play, stop and pause.  I'm not sure why those other buttons didn't get added to the return function, but that should be corrected.

I can probably get those updated in the component by Monday morning (GMT -5).  It should be a simple addition to that function.



Re: onControlButton

I've updated the component to include all the other buttons in onControlButton's return.

Here's the link to component #1012:

After installing the updated component, remember that you'll need to delete the existing version of the component out of your FLA's library and replace it.

Let me know how that goes.