Topic: JavaScript (Omniture) Tracking on Embedded Player

We've been able to implement tracking using the ss_track function described at the following link:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … &id=68

However, when we attempt to embed the player on another page (after grabbing the code at http://www4.soundslides.com/apps/utilities/), our JavaScript tracking no longer works.  Does anyone know if the ss_track() function is still being called from the embedded player after placing it on another page?  I've confirmed that the other appropriate functions and code are present on the new page.



Re: JavaScript (Omniture) Tracking on Embedded Player

The ss_track function should still be called, even if you're embedded on another page.  Though it could be a Flash cross-domain restriction if you're embedding on an entirely different domain.  You might have to set a crossdomain.xml file if you're doing that.

Can you share a link to both your "main" slide show page, and the same slide show embedded in the other page?

I'll take a look.



Re: JavaScript (Omniture) Tracking on Embedded Player

Thank you for your reply, Joe.

The original slideshow is here:

We've added the crossdomain file here:

And a sample of this slideshow embedded elsewhere:

It doesn't appear that the crossdomain file is solving the issue. Is it ok to put it in the root?  I believe I've used this practice in the past, as many files at mercurynewsphoto.com will need to access it.



Re: JavaScript (Omniture) Tracking on Embedded Player

I think I see the problem. I thought just the JS was on a different domain, but I now see the the SWF, the HTML, and the JS are all on different domains.

I'm pretty sure this is another kind of cross domain issue.

In the embed code on the mercurynews.com's testrecentcomments page, change both instances of the "allowScriptAccess" parameter from "sameDomain" to "always".

That should allow the SWF to hit the HTML's inline javascript.

Here's more documentation on that parameter:
http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/artic … ty_09.html

Let me know if that works...



Re: JavaScript (Omniture) Tracking on Embedded Player

This worked great, Joe! Thanks for all your help!!