Topic: Using an audio recorder in damp conditions

I'm interested to know people's experience of using their sound recorders outdoors when it is raining. I recently left my Zoom H4 in the outer pocket of my camera bag when out in the rain recently. Conditions were typical of wet, muggy afternoon in a tropical country. I didn't do any recording that day. The unit was a little damp from being in the back pocket, but it never got wet. No rain fell on it. Due to the nature place I was staying in, I did not empty out my camera bag when I returned. That probably did not help things at all.

When I went to use the recorder about 20 hours later, one of the two built in microphones was not functioning. The next day it was at about 50% power, and 48 hours later it seemed to be back to normal. I did not expect this. Is this normal?


Re: Using an audio recorder in damp conditions

Is it normal?  It sounds like you had unusually humid conditions -- and it recovered -- so, yes, that's what you can expect.

You might try putting some desiccant in your camera bag for times like these...although you would actually have to put it in the same pocket with the recorder for it to do any good.

This stuff isn't bad to have around.  You can put it in with your lenses when you store them.  This source charges only $7.50 for a re-chargeable little container of it.  Unfortunately, the shipping is more than that.  At any rate, this is what you may be looking for...

http://www.all-pelican-cases-4-less.com … 1500d.html