Topic: multiple SoundSlides in Flash

I would like to multiple soundlsides om my homepage wich is made in Flash. I use Loadmovie to load the diffent pages, wich all are swf files.
As I recal all the files you need to use, has to be in one and the same map, but when I want to have more than one SoundSlide movie on my site, I will have file and maps that are made the same.
So, how do I get more than one soundslide movie to work on my homepage?



Re: multiple SoundSlides in Flash

Hi anette.

If you're loading multiple Soundslides SWFs into Flash, you can just use LoadMovie and enter the relative path to each one.  The slide show files themselves can be in subfolders, one for each of your slide shows.

So if you were trying to load the slide show into a movieclip named "load_mc", you would use this code:


To load another slide show into the same MC, just change the path:


Give that a try and let me know if it doesn't work.