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Topic: Archiving Completed Soundslides

Looking for a way to archive completed Soundslides. 

Right now I'm keeping them in folders but ideally would like a way to search within the folders including the metadata of the images i.e. photographer, date, caption info etc.

Anybody know if this is possible?

Also getting a ton of raw audio and presently using iTunes to organize. What's everybody else using?



Re: Archiving Completed Soundslides

I'm only a novice at multimedia production, but what I'm doing is burning my slide show material to CD, including the Soundslides set of folders and a Quicktime version of the slide show. Since the single Quicktime file is a much smaller than the Soundslides production, this is what I post and pass around for viewing. Hope this helps . . .

Michal Thompson
Hillsboro, Oregon


Re: Archiving Completed Soundslides

Excuse my newbie ignorance, but how do you create the Quicktime file from the finished Soundslide?


Dougas Imbrogno
editor | www.thegazz.com
the multimedia arts magazine of
the Charleston Gazette


Re: Archiving Completed Soundslides

Hi Doug.

There's a Soundslides/Quicktime plug-in available for Mac.

http://www2.soundslides.com/support/ind … &id=41



Re: Archiving Completed Soundslides

I have a folder called "Finished slideshows" and one by one, I save there the final (publish to web) folders with their name, each of them with a number and I never had a problem with them.

I don't save all the pictures and the audios, just the final work.