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I'm a former TV reporter who viewed his video, wrote his script (with plenty of video cues) and handed it off to an editor. Once in a while, I'd sneak into an empty edit booth and practice laying pictures into my own scripts. Now I'm a media relations guy who's going to create material for our corporate website or media hand-out using SoundSlides (which I just bought today)---and if I'm "voicing" a "package"----how do I link up the words and photos?  And yes, I've had the same technique issue with iMovie. Also, can I use "wav." files for the sound/voice track?


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If you install a free external audio encoder on your computer, then you can import uncompressed audio files (WAV on PCs, AIFF on Macs) into Soundslides and Soundslides Plus.  By default, Soundslides and Soundslides Plus only import MP3 files.

Here's notes on installing the free encoder utility:
http://soundslides.com/support/index.ph … &id=12

As for aligning words and photos, once the audio track and your images are loading into Soundslides, you can adjust the timing of each image to sync with the audio.  There are three methods for adjusting the timing of an images:

http://soundslides.com/support/index.ph … e&id=1

Let me know if there's anything else you need, or if I totally missed the point of your question.



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Hi, thats all good. An improvement would be to have an option to see the sound file below the images as a wave form display (like in FCE or FCP or any other video editor). It would even benefit from having a 'snapping' feature which would allow one to drag the still inpoint and it will snap to the point where the audio starts or restarts (starts again after a break or pause).

Guess this is not as simple as it sounds in theory! But love to see somehting like this anyhow... smile


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Hi Joe,

Why can I not import WAV files that are on my Mac into Soundslides Plus? SS says that LAME is loaded. I can only import MP3 files. I am using OS 10.4.11 and the current version of SS Plus.



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OK...I think I'll answer my own question here. It looks like I do this using the iTunes encoder in the iTunes preferences. Then select the file in iTunes, go to "Advanced" in menu and convert to AIFF.  LAME will then encode this as an MP3. This seems to work.



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Hi Bill.

As you're discovered, you can import AIFF files on Macs if you have LAME installed.

AIFF is the standard uncompressed format on Macs.  On Windows, WAV files are standard.