Topic: 40 x 40 pixels?

This may be a known issue, but I was unable to find it elsewhere: I am attempting to reencode some soundslides to other movie formats (FLV) and the other encoders choke on the soundslide.  They think the SWF is a single frame of 40x40 pixels.

The lowerthird swf seems to have the correct size and frame settings, but not the soundslider swf.

Any help?

Also, is it possible to export as FLV directly from soundslides?


Re: 40 x 40 pixels?

The "soundslider.swf" is the player for the slide show, and it is indeed a single frame SWF with a default size of 40 x 40.  The SWF only contains the buttons, fonts and the code for displaying a slide show.  There's none of the actual slide show material saved in there.

The actual slide show itself isn't "rendered" until the external media (xml, jpgs, mp3) load into the SWF, so it is highly unlikely that a video encoder can read it.

Soundslides doesn't export to FLV either.  The only method I'm aware of on Windows for exporting to FLV is to first record the slide show as an AVI with something like CamStudio, then convert the AVI To FLV.