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I viewed my Mac-created show on a brand new PC and the whole show was stretched to fit the monitor (distorted) and the sound was very low even though all the volume controls were up to maximum? Is it the viewers preferences? Something I need to set in SS?


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pica wrote:

the whole show was stretched to fit the monitor (distorted) and the sound was very low.

I've never heard of anything like that happening, especially if the browser itself was not stretched.

Can you post the URL of your slide show so I can check it out?



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Thanks, I appreciate that!


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hi pica.

I tried it on clean installations of Vista (IE & Firefox) and XP (IE & Firefox) and everything looks fine here.  The HTML is the standard export settings that most everyone else is using.

Do you still have access to that PC?

Can you see if this example shows the same stretching?


Also, are other web pages or other Flash projects being stretched?



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Ill forward this to my client and ask her to check it out. It was her PC.


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Re: stretching... my client did not think the sample you provided a link to looked stretched.
So, if that's the case, what am I doing wrong?

Also another person I know, on PC, can't load the show onto her computer. Does a viewer need Quicktime or a PC equivalent?
Does it matter whether a viewer has a high speed internet connection?



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Well, I'm not sure what else to try ... I've checked that slide show on all the Windows computers I can find.  There's nothing to distinguish it from the other slide show.

Can your client send a screenshot of what they are seeing?

As for the other person.  They'll need the free Adobe Flash player, which should already be installed on any recent web browser (less than 5 years old). 

Here's the link:
http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download … kwaveFlash

A non-dialup connection would be appropriate for viewing that slide show, though the slide show should load on dialup within 20 or so seconds.



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Are you with the client as they are viewing your slideshow?  In my experience, there is a good possibility that a non-computer savvy person will not be describing the problem correctly.  It is best to see what they are seeing, without their interpretation.

As long as the web browser has Flash installed (not all of them do by default), the show should be viewable.  Of course, other system settings may affect the enjoyment of the show (such as the global volume level, which is not something the Flash show can control), but that's for the individual to determine what about their system is different from the expected norm.


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True, my client isn't computer savvy but I was sitting with her at her computer and the images were stretched. They seemed to be stretched horizontally.
Also, I noticed that the show took up her whole screen. There was no background.
Any more feedback?
Thanks, Gail

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pica wrote:

Also, I noticed that the show took up her whole screen. There was no background.

From what you're describing above, that could be the caused by viewing the SWF file directly rather than viewing it via the HTML file.

Were you looking at the slide show from the exact web URL you posted here in the forum, or from a disk or some other web location? 

When the client loads this link below, is the problem is still occurring now?


Again, this is highly unusual ... so I'm stumped without a screenshot.