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Hello, I need some help please... I am geared with a micro track 24/96, firmware updated, a dynamic shure sm58 mic connected to the mini jack with a short XL3 cable connected to a longer XLR3 cable. I am doing sound tests for a series of interviews with women, only their voices mic'ed, close range. (Product of interviews will be story driven slide shows distributed on dvd's.) I am hearing quite a bit of hissing (high noise floor) in background and would like to know how I can get this down. I have side gain range set at "M" and 27dB boost off for now. When I put the manual input gain settings full up, the hiss is pretty loud. Mid way, it's better. I'm worried about having it set too low for the quality and volume of voice during editing, and concerned that if it is too high there will too much hiss in final product which is voice/narrative anchored. I'm not a pro, and don't know how to "take the hiss out" in the editing stage. Any suggestions for me would be great. I'm learning as I go... Thank you. Jenifer


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Hey Jennifer.

I'm going to copy this thread to the audio resources forum ... it will get more traffic in there, and I think there are some micro track users that can comment.

I've personally had some issues with the smaller recorders and dynamic mics ... they just didn't have enough signal apparently.

Have you tried it with a powered mic?



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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your quick response, I´ve got the pilot interview tomorrow. gulp. The shure mic has great sound, nice rich voice on playback. That doesn´t seem to be the problem. With the T mic that comes with the microtrack there is less hiss, but can´t use that mic obviously for interviews.. Could it be a jack problem, better to use the TRS jack? I´m groping in the dark with not too much budget left for equipment purchases, unless it was a must-must-do. Thanks again for your response and forward. I hope to hear from audio traveled wisdom... 



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My point about the mic isn't that it doesn't have great sound ... what I meant was that the signal coming from a dynamic mic like the sm58 is lower than a powered condenser.  The Micro Track is known to need a higher output mic, which is why I was recommending trying a condenser if you have one around. 

The hiss comes from the recorder trying to boost the mic's low input signal.

Here's a review from Transom, probably the most radio journalism centric review you'll find of the recorder:
http://transom.org/tools/recording_inte … track.html

Jeff Towne goes into detail about the recorder and how it works with certain mic types ... (scroll to the end section on "Audio Quality")

He even posts a recording of how it sounds using a dynamic mic:
http://transom.org/sounds/2005/tools/20 … 5_clip.mp3

.. versus a powered condenser:
http://transom.org/sounds/2005/tools/20 … g_clip.mp3



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Thanks. Lorrrdy, just when I thought I had read all I needed to make the mic purchase. Ok. Back to the drawing board...? I´ll take a read at what you suggest. Gracias.



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Just did a three hour pilot interview with the Rode NTG2, purchased this morn. It just might do the trick.
I am forever grateful. Thank you.