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How do you make a slide of text as an intro to your show and how do you put text over a slide?


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There's no method for creating title/text slides from within Soundslides or Soundslides Plus.  You'll need to create the slides in an image editor, then import them into the application just as you would any other jpeg file.


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I just created some jpgs in photoshop using text and imported them into a soundslides plus file. they show up yellow with much of the text invisible. anyone know what is happening and how to solve this?


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Check the format of the JPEGs.  From the description, it sounds like those are CYMK jpeg files rather than RGB jpeg files.

If that doesn't clear up the issue, email one of the images to support@soundslides.com and I'll take a look.



Re: text slides

aha!  that worked great. thank you so much