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Topic: EXPIRED: Soundslides 1.0.15b


This release was rolled out as version 1.0.15

This release is a beta.  Please be careful not to delete your current stable version of soundslides.
Also, make backups of important projects BEFORE loading them into this release.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug that caused the preview image to stick on the frame that was last dragged to the OUT FOLDER.
* Fixed a bug that caused errors with the timeline when swapping position of more than 35 thumbnails.

Feature additions:
* You can now maximize the window by either dragging in the lower right corner, or clicking the GREEN maximize button.
* "Create Project" and "Load Project" have been added to the "File" menu and can be used in lieu of the buttons.
* Changed the way the export functions.  The files needed on the server are now contained in a folder named "publish_to_web", and that folder is stored in the main project folder.  This should clear up some of the confusion about which files should be kept and which should be uploaded.

* There is one experimental addition.  A new menu, named "Timeline" has been added in the menu bar.  It contains one item named "Spread images equally."  This menu item will distribute the timeline marks equally.  Added in response to this forum posting.
I'll add this feature to the UI when I get a chance to find a proper location in the design.

* This fixed a major bug with the 10.0.14b BETA that caused the thumbnails to position improperly after swapping images. This bug does not appear in the current release.