Topic: Marantz 620

I'm just starting to research recorders and would like some opinions on this new one. I'm always looking to lighten my bag so this one was appealing but I don't want to sacrifice quality. I've never used Soundslides before but want to start-soon. I know nothing about audio. Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Marantz 620

The most complete review I've seen is from Transom.

http://www.transom.org/tools/recording_ … rantz_620/

The monitoring delay seems to be a big problem.

I've personally used the M-Audio, Edirol R9, Zoom H4 and the Marantz 660.

The 660 is very good in my opinion but most folks don't consider it compact.  It's the recorder that I use.

The Edirol and Zoom were "hissy" with most of my mics.  Of the compact recorders, the M-Audio worked the best for me ... clean sound and relatively compact.

Here's a good overview if you haven't already seen it:
http://www.transom.org/tools/recording_ … r_reviews/

The new sony looks cool, but I haven't used it so I can't recommend it.