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Hi Folks.

The company are going to issuing us with PC laptops. I currently use my mac and Garage band to crunch my audio.
Generally, I don't have more than 4 audio sources on any one show. cut paste and fade. Sometimes i use the loops supplied with GB.
Import from my MD recorder into Itunes and drag into GB Easy stuff.

I love the simlicity of Garage band and sit next to my collegue who struggles to get Audacity to do what he needs. What I do in 2-3 mins seems to be taking him alot longer and appears to be far more complicated in AD.

The IT guys have sugested a few bits of bought software and i have had a brief look at them on line. I cannot download anything to try it due to office security.

What I need is some advice please.

I really want a garage band equivlent for the PC. Something that is pretty basic and easy enough to use for a non techie bloke like me. I looked at some of the screen shots of some of these products and they are just FULL of buttons and loads of stuff that I don't know if I will ever need to use. ( i know photoshop has loads of stuff that I don't need too but hey, thats not in my face at start up!! )

So, the IT guy has recomended ( the light versions of)

Ableton's Ableton Live
Cakewalk Sonar
Steinberg Cubase LE
Sony Soundforge.

Can you help me?

thanks for your comments in advance

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Re: Another audio editing software question.

sitbonzo wrote:

Can you help me?

Sack the person buying the PC's and employ some one who will issue Macbook Air  smile


Re: Another audio editing software question.

mm. kinda pleaded the case for macbooks but i think he went deaf! ;-)

dont you think the ' air ' is going to be a bit flimsy? I dont like the idea of no optical drive. + of course the machines we get WILL be flung about certainly by one of my photographers! haha


Re: Another audio editing software question.

Digressing from the original question, the 'Air' has a usb powered external optical drive as an extra.
I presume they will be quite robust and use the latest hard drives which have no moving parts - although the usb port looks flimsy!

I think Soundforge comes loaded on Sony laptops. I'm sure it is on mine, but I hardly ever use the laptop so I can't really help.


Re: Another audio editing software question.

Why is your colleague struggling with Audacity?  It's pretty simple.  Doesn't have all the features of Garageband, but hey, I have Audition on my Windows machines and still end up using Audacity on both the Windows boxes and my Mac G4.

You can always take loops off of your Mac and import them into Audacity.  ;-)

Wavepad is an Australian program, much like Audacity for cheap.

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Re: Another audio editing software question.

He appears to just have general difficulty. I guess I need to sit down on it and just see if I can make it work.  I'll ask him to post his problems here tomorrow.

The IT dept are willing to splash some cash to buy the software but I know alot of you guys are happy with AD.

Will you check in tomorrow to see what Dan says please.