Topic: Best mic for Marantz PMD660?

I have been using an omni mic with excellent sound results, but am looking for a short shotgun mic.  I do know the Marantz recommends a condenser mic.  Have studied the possibilities and am considering the Technica T-897.  Will I need an external dampening pad? - some people say the Marantz may have a slight hissing noise problem without one.  However, the recorder does have a built-in dampener?  Also, I would like the best fit possible using a deadcat or some other similar high-grade wind dampener designed for the T-897.  Am looking for any advice from those who are actually experiencing excellent results with a Marantz recorder and short shotgun mic and deadcat.  What is the best combination?  Thanks,  Steve.   Hi Joe, where'd you go? (inside joke).


Re: Best mic for Marantz PMD660?

I've used the 660 extensively with the Audio Technica AT835b short shotgun, and it works great without a dampener.  The AT897 is a more compact version of that mic and I would suspect it works fine in combination.

I've used a friend's AT897, and that's the mic I'd buy now if I didn't already have the 835.  The 897 wasn't available when I bought my short shotgun back in 1999.

I've also used a ME66 with the 660, and that is a much "hotter" mic.  The preamp handled the signal fine, though that ME66 sounded a lot thinner than the A-T mics.

For the money, I prefer the A-T short shotgun mics as a whole.

The only hissing I've noticed on my 660 was with a dynamic omni (EV635)

In fact, the 660 + 635 sounds just like this clip from Transom's review of the 660:
http://transom.org/sounds/2005/tools/20 … /ev635.mp3

Here's a link to their full review from 2005.
http://www.transom.org/tools/recording_ … md660.html



Re: Best mic for Marantz PMD660?

I tried an Audix UEM-81s shotgun and the hiss was pretty noticeable.  After trying a Rode NTG-2, I ordered one and it should be here next week.  It is a much hotter mic and the hiss is not nearly as obvious.  In fact, once I test it thoroughly, I'll bet it is not going to be an issue at all.  I will update next week once it comes in.  I have been noticing film and video production crews using the Rode shotguns more and more lately.
Mediastorm.org recommends the Beyer M-58 which I have not tried yet.


Re: Best mic for Marantz PMD660?

Anyone here have experience with the Marantz 660 with the Oade Mods?  I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on one but would like some first hand accounts.