Topic: Midpoint of dissolves does not sum to 100%?

Is this a bug, or deliberate?

For example, if I combine a slide with a title, and then the same slide with a different title, to dissolve between the titles -- the entire image brightness dips a bit at mid-dissolve.

Is this desired? (Might be)?



Re: Midpoint of dissolves does not sum to 100%?

...also, shouldn't the timing of slide movement cover the entire time the slide is visible? Right now it halts at that midpoint, which is jarring.

(and if I had an extra wish, any movement on the LAST slide would slow to a stop:) )


Re: Midpoint of dissolves does not sum to 100%?

RE: dip in opacity at mid-point of crossfade.
That's not intended, and is on our fix list for the next update.  This wasn't noticeable in Flash 8 bitmaps, but 9 is slightly more precise.

RE: slide movement
It should progress through the movement ... I'll check it out.




Re: Midpoint of dissolves does not sum to 100%?

I am still learning the program and while waiting for PayPal slugged-together a prezo of my son's summer hockey season to send to his grandparents (I have a lot of source material, heh). The "midpoint halt" was everywhere. Making the crossfades much shorter helps hide it a lot, but on slides with strong moves you can still see the image's travel halt just as the slide is vanishing.

Here's a rough version with the shorter crossfades:
http://www.botzilla.com/blog/flash2007/ … index.html

Not surprisingly, it's more evident on the fade OUT than the fade-in... an old movie editor's rule of thumb is that it takes about 8 frames to orient yourself after a cut, which pretty much covers the fade-in period.

What does SoundSlides do when the crossfade durations overlap because the slide itself is shorter than the fade? Could that be causing me trouble?