Topic: Soundslide missing "play button" in Internet Explorer/Mac

The soundslide piece that I uploaded to an area of my web site does not
work in Internet Explorer (no automatic start presentation, or start button).
However, it works well in Safari and Firefox.  Curiously, when I do a browser
preview from Dreamweaver using IE, it works well there.  Anyone have a
fix or an idea on this.  I've tried emptying the IE cache, refreshing several
times ... nothing works.

Note:  My Mac IE browser is v5.2 ... perhaps that's unsupported?

Following is a link to the piece if that helps:

http://www.johnchiasson.com/hurricane_v … q_katrina/

Any information on this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



Re: Soundslide missing "play button" in Internet Explorer/Mac

Hi John.

I've confirmed that your link works in the following browsers:

Windows XP:  IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari beta
Windows Vista: IE7, Firefox, Safari beta
OS X: Firefox, Safari

Development of Mac IE was discontinued by Microsoft 4 years ago, so I'm not sure if the new javascript Flash embed method recommended by Adobe is supported by that browser.  Also, Microsoft doesn't offer downloads of IE for Mac anymore.

Does this link work in your IE/Mac browser?
http://www.johnchiasson.com/hurricane_v … swf?size=2



Re: Soundslide missing "play button" in Internet Explorer/Mac

Thanks for the response Joe. 

The link (below) you sent doesn't work on my IE/Mac browser, I get a popup "Unhandled File Type" alert.

http://www.johnchiasson.com/hurricane_v … swf?size=2

I did send an email with a link to one of my friends on a PC and I believe uses IE.
She says it worked just fine.  So I guess we're covered (unless someone's trying
to view the page on a Mac using IE v5.2).

Thanks again.