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I'm using Soundslides on Windows XP.

When I test my project, everything is cool.  When I export the project, the play button dissapears and it does not auto-play (I checked auto-play in the settings).

I copied the "publish to web" folder to my mac and the play button is still gone.

Any ideas?



Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

A missing play button is usually caused by a missing file (jpg or mp3) ... but it usually affects the slides shows previewed via the TEST button as well.

Can you copy the publish_to_web folder to a web server so I can see it?

I'll also email you directions for uploading to our server if you don't have your own space.



Re: Play button dissapears after exporting


I decided to re-create the project and it worked fine.  The only thing I noticed different about the 2 projects during creation was that I edited the audio several times and re-imported it as many times.

Once I started the project over, everything was fine. 

I was on a crunch for time and ended up scraping the project with the missing button. I appreciate the quick reply and am sorry I couldn't follow through on this.

I am having a slight problem now that I am using Soundslides on my Mac.  I have a paid version on my windows machine and a trial version on the Mac.  If it keeps up, I will post a new question.

Thanks again,

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Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

I'm having the same issue with my project. Testing well, but once pushed to production the play button doesn't display. URL: http://speakingoffaith.publicradio.org/ … index.html


Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

Can you send me the URL?




Re: Play button dissapears after exporting


I have been having the same issue.  In IE7 the play button disappears or doesn't load.  On some computers it will eventually appear if you keep refreshing the page, and on others it never appears.

Mozilla seems to work fine as does Safari.

Any advice info you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

Can you send me the URL?


If the issue appears on all browsers and platforms, then the issue is usually a missing or corrupt media file.  Check that your "publish_to_web" files are on the server and were uploaded without error.  The play button will not appear if there is a problem with the audio file, or the first few images.

I can debug more if I have the URL.



Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

OK I emailed you the URL.



Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

I think I have a similar-ish issue. My slide shows seem to work fine when I publish them. I have heard from a couple of people that they don't have a play button. One person is going thru aol to get the the slideshow. Another person reportedly has a "decked out" computer. I have no problems with these shows at home or on my work computer, and these are the only complaints I have.
This comes from a co-worker of mine, who has no problems using the slide shows on his work computer. But he did the interview, and wants to send the link to family/friends so is understandably unhappy. Here are three shows with audio:


What gives? Thanks for your help, Joe.


Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

Hi Laura.

I don't see anything wrong with those slide shows or the audio files.  The "missing play button" is caused by a missing audio file on the server.  That's not the case with your slide shows.

I tested here on:
XP: Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 & 7 - with Flash Player 7, 8, & 9
Vista: Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 - with Flash Player 9
OS X: Safari, Firefox - with Flash Player 7, 8, & 9

I also loaded the slide shows over the AOL network without issue.

The problem could either be caused by your audience's network connection or their Flash player installation.  Most network issues are related to the viewer's connection terminating from your server during download.  Clearing the cache or reloading will correct the issue provided that their network can re-connect to your server successfully.

Did these three people provide any other information?



Re: Play button dissapears after exporting

In fact, he's telling me that he doesn't have the play button either. I haven't seen it happen. I'll keep checking back, and browse thru these posts periodically. One person here said that if you wait long enough and re-load the page it will appear. I'm not sure what kind of connection my co-worker has. Frankly, I'm not that tech-savvy (if you haven't figured that out yet) and since I'm not hearing it from anybody else ...
Thanks for posting a reply so quickly. Service like this is hard to come by these days ...