Topic: Edited captions that became shorter didn't show up

On the first slideshow in which I edited captions within Soundslides, I added information to a bunch of captions and those worked fine, but for a couple of captions, one of which I deleted entirely because it was wrong and the photo didn't need a caption anyway, and one where I made the caption shorter, the changes did not show up after I Saved and re-Exported.

I also tried Replacing the photo with a bad caption, with a photo with a corrected caption (corrected in Photoshop), and it still did not use the new caption. I opened the text file and could see the bad info still in there.

Only when I Outed the bad photo and Added the corrected one, did the correct caption show up, which was a real pain because I had to retime everything after it in the timeline.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else encountered this? This was on a Mac with OS10.

In a similar vein, a co-worker was trying to replace the audio with a new (compressed) audio of the same length, and it took several tries to show up.


Re: Edited captions that became shorter didn't show up

Was there any difference between the slide show that was previewed when you hit TEST, versus the version that you got when you hit EXPORT?

And which release of Soundslides do you have installed?  I'll look into the issue and see if I can make sense of it.



Re: Edited captions that became shorter didn't show up

The captions would be there in Test, but not in the Exported version. We did figure out that, if you drag publish-to-web to trash before you Export the new version, then the new captions will show up.

I'm not sure what decimal point version of Soundslides it is, but it the basic one, not Plus, and I think we installed it late April or early May.