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Topic: Connecting a Microphone via USB

Here's a link to a handy device that will make your Electro-Voice 635A or any low-impedence XLR microphone plug right into the USB port on your laptop.  It's plastic, but I've used it and it works very well.

This is designed for OS X and works fine on Windows XP.   $40

I found them on the web from a supplier that has REALLY POOR resellerratings.com feedback...but they shipped it out via USPS and it got here in just two days.  I didn't check before I hit the "process" key so I was holding my breath.  But they delivered as promised.

Their price: $20 + $5 shipping/handling


Edit: Here's a link to the product page there:

http://www.mac-pro.com/s.nl/it.A/id.190 … ategory=41