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Serie a-Juve dibala oolong tea + long shots to break the enemy 2-0 harvest 5-game winning streak

3:45 A.M. December 5, Beijing time, 15th in Serie a, Juventus defeated Lazio 2-0 away, own jiayuan neat dibala cross, fut 16 coins   became the team's top player. The Bianconeri harvest 5 successive League, continued to advance in Champions League region.

History between the two teams played 162 times, and 142 of them to Serie a, Lazio 32-36-74. Sitting at home in 71 League, Lazio 24 WINS and 18-29 defeats, lost 88 goals in 97 games. The past 8 meetings between the two teams, Juve remain unbeaten, is 2012-2013 season last lost to Lazio of Italy Cup semi-final second leg. Lazio beat Juventus in the League last time, dating back to 2003-2004, the 12th round of the season, 21 times in Serie a after Juventus, only a 15-6 record.

The first 5 minutes, Kan de Leiva transverse band shot from 25 meters away, the ball wide of the left post. The first 8 minutes, Juve's lucky break, Alex-Sandro left cross, dibala of near post to get to the ball in front of teammate manzhuji Qi, and Zhongwei zhandilaidi upon sideline balls hit each other in network, 0-1, the visitors ' lead. On 16 minutes, dibala side dribbling inside, top frontier suddenly shot the ball above the lintel. Read More...