Topic: Juve Patrice Evra is also far from a smooth contract renewal

Chou also similarities: the age is 34 years old, and the contract is due next summer. But Juve did not snub the two in the late career of veteran, be prepared to renew the stay. Andrea Barzagli contract talks, started as early as October, fifa 16 ultimate team coins  Orlandini and brokers after several conversations, Ewing made a significant breakthrough. The Turin sports daily said that, taking into account the 2006 World Champions are older, Juve to draw only 1+1 contracts, salary at 2.5 million euro on the basis of the decline.

Andrea Barzagli I hope Juventus hangs up his boots, the conditions therefore have accepted pay cuts, but from both sides agree there is a bit of distance. Because Italy internationals injuries increased attendance rates than before, Juve wants to bonuses tied to appearances, Orlandini then make a fixed bonus payment requirement. Differences exist, but given the relationship, Andrea Barzagli signed the new contract period, first at this time is expected to come ahead of the Christmas holidays. Does not eliminate the possibility of breakdown on both sides, and if so, Milan, Florence or a Premier League team, is likely to become Italy International's home.

Juve Patrice Evra is also far from a smooth contract renewal, the three did not immediately agree to start negotiations, intends to end my career in France or the Premier League, much left at the end of the season in a couple of weeks ago in Turin meant. But the recent change in the French attitude, renewal opened the door in a recent dialogue with the Club, Juve's negotiation policy has not changed, same with Andrea Barzagli, only three out of 1+1 contracts, how to adjust the annual salary is not known, but bonuses will be linked to the appearances. Marotta will dialogue players ' agent before the Christmas holiday, the goal is before the end of the winter window to negotiate contract details in order to avoid the intervention of other teams. Read More...