Topic: Manchester United next summer to get Guardiola

Life is impermanent, East West 30 years 30 years! Guardiola led Barcelona to create a dream the past three teams sweeping the world, though now lead Bayern defending Bundesliga, but the previous quarter only Reed-coaching ranks 8th, Guardiola almost shame isolated violence Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid the past 3 years, cheapest fifa 16 coins  is out of mud by Real Madrid, now the madman's return to the Premier League again would work, to build next season to return to the altar.

The Telegraph noted that Guardiola would prefer Manchester United coach United for Guardiola is love. 2012-13 season, Ferguson retired before finding Josep Guardiola, and hoped that the latter would be able to take his place, but the latter refused, as Guardiola had wanted to go to Bayern coach.

Manchester United next summer to get Guardiola had fired Louis van Gaal. This season, van Gaal set Manchester United on a winning track, but former King still has a large gap, a number of Manchester United legend and fans have criticized van Gaal coached ability. The Telegraph gave Manchester United an account, the Red Devils want to let van Gaal go ahead needs to pay a break fee of ¡ê 7 million, and the price is not low. www.futcoinsbuy.co.uk