Topic: Further expansion in the second half arsenal's tragedy

Laurent koscielny was arsenal's best Centre-half, when he goes live BBC said arsenal Defender's cross was to be put to the test. Gabriel and France International too far from, fifa 16 coins buy       the Norwich tying score goals because Brazil people unable to Laban's impact, was easily stopped by Laban ball turned face after the goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Further expansion in the second half arsenal's tragedy, Sanchez number one thigh and because Dodge opponent Centre-half Bennett flew shovel unfortunately pulled a thigh muscle, after accepting a check was forced to exit. Chamberlain was back before the arsenal match, England winger into the bench, Ramsey was first returned to the lineup after an injury comeback, but Laurent koscielny and Sanchez's injury allowed arsenal to become a second loss but is larger.

Wenger regret after the game because he was supposed to snow Sanchez: "I don't know how much time Sanchez will be out, but it was a major blow, Laurent koscielny also have to wait for tomorrow to check, I had originally intended to make Sanchez a break today, but he told me he was good before the game and want to play. Click Here