Topic: British media 5 reason why Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester

British media 5 reason why Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United: Red Devils love him and the Liverpool manager at daggers drawn

Manchester United in 2013, and trying to buy back this summer Ronaldo did not succeed, fifa 16 coins   the Manchester evening news that they may eventually sign the legendary 7th next year. Because both sides wanted to complete the transfer, return of Ronaldo Manchester United a much loved van Gaal wanted him, but he doesn't want to play for Benitez.

Manchester United tried to sign neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, and stars such as Muller, but without success. Ronaldo's situation has changed dramatically, it is understood that he has told sources want to join Manchester United, rather than Paris. Although your historical top scorer for Real Madrid, but Ronaldo still been fans booed. And when Ronaldo played 3 years ago returned to Manchester United in the Champions League, he was welcomed warmly than the 2009 to join Real Madrid.

Louis van Gaal to play boring, questionable, he and CEO Woodward wanted to buy back Ronaldo. Manchester United needs a superstar Ronaldo to improve strength, and he can also enhance the business income of the Red Devils. Star Wayne Rooney's current state of weakness, United to play down his role gradually, introducing more famous Ronaldo to replace him. British media praise Ronaldo is world sport's most famous player, you can ensure that van Gaal to fulfil the contract. www.futcoinsbuy.co.uk