Topic: And in terms of shots. Top Levan

Bundesliga data: Kos Ta Levan shot 1th efficiency breakthrough addiction 2nd

Have held 12 rounds of the Bundesliga season, Bayern still lonely seeking defeat, changed after the Borussia Dortmund also showed nothing like last season's, fut coins stick to Bayern. The good overall performance of the team, a lot of individual players also showed very good form. The kicker magazine on the personal data of the first 12 rounds of the Bundesliga were counted, in the statistics, Bayern and Dortmund players of the two teams occupy the majority of seats.

On the scorer, laiwanheaobameiyang the two others scored 14 goals, two of them is not only the top scorer of the Bundesliga striker, is the top scorer in five leagues in Europe as a whole. And in terms of shots. Top Levan, tried a total of 59 shots, aubameyang is more efficient, 45 shots in third place, second from Stuttgart strikers didawei, in Stuttgart in the Offensive, didawei tried a total of 48 shots, but only scored 4 goals.

Passing, Dortmund playmaker Gundogan 990 throw ranks first, followed by Bayern Munich Defender David alaba and gundogan Dortmund teammate Hummels, two of them were sent out of 979 and 973 passing. Passes, the top three were Bayern Munich swept right-back Rafinha 93.27% success rate at the top, behind team-mates David alaba and Rahm, Guardiola stress ball tactics, players after three ultra high pass completion rate become a guarantee of stability. Statistics of the game ball, Bayern swept the first three, Alonso, a veteran is averaging a staggering 117.5, ranked second and third respectively, Tiago (109.5), Rafinha (108.6). Read More...