Topic: Bayern beat Schalke 3-1 game

Summers moves suggested to replace Guardiola de media said next summer he upper

Guardiola's contract expires next summer, but he's still not the same extension, Germany Bild pointed out that, fifa ultimate team coins  if PEP left the Allianz Arena, Summers was a potential successor, the youngest champion in the history of the Bundesliga coach has expressed such a signal.

Bayern beat Schalke 3-1 game, Bild noted very funny scene, when Bayern's sporting Director, summers suddenly stood up and ran to the sidelines and called David alaba directly over, and Austria who convey tactical instructions, then follows Guardiola summers rushed off to the side and David alaba layout tactics.

Such a scene was very curious by the Bild, Germany media have commented that "Summers has to show he can take on Bayern's head coach position, so PEP Guardiola: no need to extend the contract, which expires next summer? You know, Mr Summers remains the youngest winner in the history of the Bundesliga coach. Buy Now