Topic: Ronaldo was elected Goal.com richest soccer athlete of the year

As an internationally renowned football Web site, Goal.com has considerable authority in the industry. Recently, the website has released the latest issue of player list. This report by the world's experts in the field together to create a list to find out the world's highest-paid soccer player, and rank these stars on the pitch. In the wealth of the 2015 list, Real Madrid striker Ronaldo tops FIFA 15 Coins as the world's richest soccer player, it was Portugal who ranked first in the list for the second year in a row. Came in second and third place was Barcelona stars Lionel Messi and striker neymar.

In the past year, the new Golden Ball winner Ronaldo on a competitive level not only rewarding (with Real Madrid won the Champions League and Club World Cup champion), and at the commercial level is a breeze. Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid's annual salary at present of 18.2 million euros, but various sponsors passed a significant revenue, but because he devised CR7 brand is selling on a global scale, that makes Portugal combined revenue of 210 million euros.

As Ronaldo's old rival, Barcelona's Lionel Messi Buy FIFA 15 Coins in the trail for 10 million euros in this list, had to settle for second. It is worth mentioning that, in last year's list, he was with 2 million euros in lost Ronaldo. Although not commercially-minded like Ronaldo to open his own fashion brand, but as Kings of wage earners in world football (earning 20 million euros), superb skills, he also has a large number of sponsors. In addition, Argentina's financial awareness is very strong, he had begun to invest in real estate, take care of their expendable income.

Behind Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are today after the leading figures in the game the player, Paris Saint-Germain forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Captain Wayne Rooney Cheap FIFA 15 Coins of God separated the fourth and fifth. It is worth mentioning that, ranked in the top five players with annual revenues in excess of 100 million euros.