Topic: Owen: present one can be compared to Steven Gerrard

Former Manchester United and Liverpool striker Michael Owen FIFA 15 Coins said he believes Juventus ' France midfielder pogba, who replaced Gerrard's "ideal candidates".

Gerrard late in a career 34 years old, who took his flag at Liverpool? When the issue was raised when Owen, as assessment of the BT sport ball guests, Owen pogba Buy FIFA 15 Coins was mentioned. "Steven Gerrard can't play for ever," Owen said, "therefore needs to find his replacement, the ideal candidate may be the likes of Juventus pogba. ”

"Pogba was an extraordinary genius, a young man of genius, in the position of central midfielder, he can give the team a boost. ”

Owen said here may be the individual's desire, but the 21-year old pogba has long been Europe's hottest talent, money giants such as Paris Saint-Germain Cheap FIFA 15 Coins is said to have spotted him, Liverpool want to fight for him, there is no advantage at all. Back then, because of dissatisfaction with Manchester United do not have their own, pogba denied renewing the Red Devils, free transfer to Serie a, and now wants his team count, but to get him, it must pay a hefty fee.http://www.fifa15buy.com