Topic: iOS 7 ... very strange behavior ...


I have just updated my iPad and iPhone to iOS 7
and now I face a very strange behavior on my slideshows on my website www.worx.tv
these two pictures show what you see on an iPad ... or iPhone

this worked quit perfectly on iOs 6 !

my first guess was that the use of iFrames - as seen in the second screenshot -
might be the reason ... but ! ... it also does that if I load just that page
as seen in the first picture ...

any idea ????

thxxx for help    ... :-)) Gerald


Re: iOS 7 ... very strange behavior ...

Looking into this more it appears the issue is due to an bug with the version of "soundslides.js" file in the iOS_htm5 shell used to create those slideshows.

I would recommend downloading the latest release from the website and re-exporting the slideshows.

You could also try to replace the "_files/soundslides.js" file with the soundslides.js file provided with the latest application download.

The new iOS_html5 javascript version should fix this issue.



Re: iOS 7 ... very strange behavior ...

hi !

thxxx for your advice ...

just replacing "_files/soundslides.js" is no good ... you have to re-export the show ... that helps !

thxx and regards    ... :-)) Gerald